• Intuitively Created Sacred Geometry Designs

    Each powerful sacred geometry shape is intuitively created for exactly what you want to manifest. Think of it as a snowflake, no two are the same, each one is uniquely different.

  • Intentionally Programmed

    This energetic signature is intentionally programmed into each piece of art to heal your pain, bring positive changes and shifts, as well as remind you every time you look at it that your life is more joyful and loving.

  • Premium Natural Elements

    All the gemstones, crystals, butterflies, dragonflies and other natural elements are handpicked for all your needs and desires.

  • Up-Cycled Materials

    Each piece has up-cycled fabric and leather backgrounds.

Time Lapse Video's of Works in Progress

Infinity Loop Collection

Infinity Loops

This sacred collection is designed with beautiful infinity loops to create infinite...