Custom Co-Creations

Do you want a more custom piece where we co-create and chose which gems and crystals you want based on color, Chakra, healing type, meaning or overall intentions we want to put together to deliver you the most special custom art?

This beautiful custom piece will remind you of your deepest dreams and desires. Just look at it and you will be able to close your eyes and visualize this dream. Look at it and smile every day and give thanks and gratitude for the blessings it brings into you life.



Here's what will be included in your custom art piece.

Choose from a variety of butterflies, dragonflies, 18K Gold sacred geometry medallions, Agate slices and other centerpieces to choose from.

Choose from a wide variety of stones in different shapes and sizes, a wide variety of colors and many healing properties so we can hone in on what you most want to manifest into your reality.

Choose from 6" x 16", 6" x 6", 8" x 8", 9" x 9", 8" x 10", 12" x 15"

Choose frame color.

Choose leather or fabric backing (color and size availability will vary).

Custom prices starting at $2,222 for smaller sizes and $3,333 for larger sizes, and will be priced accordingly for additional findings.

All stones and findings will be agreed upon before starting custom projects.


#93 time lapse video


Not sure what you want? Tell me what you want to manifest in your life and I will create a custom piece made just for you and your specific list of dreams, goals and desires.


Email me to schedule a discovery call.